An inspiring vision for a new community and National Golf Centre PRESENTED TO ALEXANDER LUKASHENKO, PRESIDENT OF BELARUS.
This hardback, case bound brochure presents the concept masterplan for a unique, English village-style residential community in Qatar. The scheme was inspired by the painting Wivenhoe Park by John Constable and the pages of the brochure take you on a journey through the village, illustrating the vision for the project through a wide range for material including maps, plans, diagrams, CGI visualisations and sketches. The visual language of the graphics was designed in a way that is sympathetic to the rural village style of the architecture. A logo depicting a stylized cottage was created to give the project a visual identity and was complimented by a colour palette of rich greens and warm browns. The cover features gold metallic foil on a soft, natural linen background, creating an elegant, tactile finish.
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